Copyright Notice

1. This website was conceived, designed and hand-coded in raw PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript by me, Jon Woods.

In other words, I own it, its logo, codebase and design along with the photography*.

Or put yet another way, I'm making the point that pretty much everything featured herein is my exclusive copyright.

(* There are isolated snippets of code herein that were freely offered by third parties and freely applied by me in this project; there are also some externally supplied jQuery elements and PHP "classes" (e.g. PHPMailer, as well as some fonts of third party origin)).

2. Nevertheless, you may reproduce snippets of the materials supplied in this website, but on the strict condition that their original source be acknowledged.

3. Photography: All images, whether diagrams, videos or photographs, are as much my exclusive copyright as the website's logo, etc., are.

4. Downloads: The same copyright comments apply to any images in any of the downloadable materials featured on this website unless explicitly stated otherwise.