Hi, I am Kodiak, which is my C64 scene "handle".

I am a self-taught 6502 machine language coder and graphician for the venerable Commodore 64, and here are some random facts about me:

  • Favourite colour: Royal blue.
  • Favourite season: Autumn.
  • Favourite C64 game: Creatures. Or Mayhem. Or Nebulus.
  • Favourite C64 musicians from the past: Matt Gray & Steve Rowlands.
  • Worldview: Conservative Christian; in plainest terms, I oppose LGBT, CRT, enviro-kult, feminism and all the other neo-Marxist abominations of the Left.
  • Interests / hobbies: Hiking, geopolitics, coding, cooking, retro gaming, theology, eschatology.
  • Nationality: British, 100%.

WEB WOES NOTE: As I have occasionally documented hitherto, I have suffered many problems in recent years with my web hosting provider, up to and including the total loss of email service and every image asset and many videos on my website.

Accordingly, bear with me if you have encountered any such issues as I am doing what I can, when I can, to finally and fully resolve this.