Seawolves: Final Testing

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By Kodiak

After a long delay since my last update on Seawolves, I have finally been able to release a first technical video of the game, showing some testing of key features.

At present, I am trying to mop up a few remaining little bugs and have a few extra minor features to add and, if RAM permits, more SFX.

The game has a large manual that you will need to read to get the most out of it, but that said, it is very playable off-the-bat without a full briefing.

Summary of Seawolves' Key Features

  • 8 unique levels, each consisting of 3 rounds.
  • 4 game modes: 1P, 2P, Wingman Mode (shown in the video below), and AI Rival Mode (in which the CPU takes control of a second player sub).
  • Fast-paced gameplay evocative (I believe!) of 1980s arcade machines.
  • Real-time water warping and wave effects.
  • Real-time torpedo rendering effects.
  • Bespoke SFX player (created for Parallaxian also).

PAL only (for now!)

Seawolves is only just technically possible on PAL due to PAL's larger number of raster lines compared to NTSC.

However, I intend to release the source code as part of an ebook on the game's development, and I would be happy for any competent NTSC coder to attempt to convert it from that point.

Notes on the Planned Release

As stated before, Seawolves is to be initially only a digital edition, with a cartridge release to follow at some stage.

I am also considering making a C128 native version of the game for a limited edition cartridge release.

Music was composed for the game and I incorporated it into many earlier prototypes, but now due to RAM limitations, there is no space for it on the digital edition.

My Personal Experiences Playing Seawolves

I have found the game to be a real "blastathon", it being quite a stress-release to unload torpedo salvoes on the enemy vessels.

But it's not all a mindless in-the-zone killing spree, as you do have to keep an eye on your sub's damage levels and make sure not to miss scheduled repair kit drop-offs from friendly helicopters.

You also have to stay alert to enemy reprisal attacks and take care not to sink civilian shipping.

Seawolves gameplay

Release Date?

The game needs a few further refinements and some extra polish, plus the residual bugs and glitches cleaned up, but I think it is 99% finished.

To be honest, I could go on polishing it ad infinitum, but really, I want to get back to Parallaxian and get it finished quickly because, being brutally frank, it feels like world events might overtake everything in the very near future!

Anyway, please keep a lookout for the release of Seawolves and support my C64 coding efforts.

In the meantime, this is Kodiak signing off...


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