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By Kodiak

I recently mentioned a new Commodore 64 game I have been quietly developing concurrently with Parallaxian, the idea (proposed to me by someone else) initially being to knock it out fast and, among other things, I thought I should use it to test the market and to serve as a "dry run" for the subsequent release of Parallaxian.

That new game is called Seawolves and is being designed as a multiplayer shoot-em-up based around the original premise of the old CBM release Seawolf, which was designed to be controlled by paddles, of all things (yes, the horror!)

As usual with me, however, some mission creep set in and now Seawolves has acquired a heavy dose of Parallaxian tech, including extensive use of the NMI... It even features some warping effects originally concocted for Parallaxian's water landscapes, so it should hopefully give the player a feel for the quality they can expect in Parallaxian.

Seawolves, however, also introduces some very special new tech of its own in the form of the trick used to render the torpedo sprites, but you'll have to wait until the first preview video is released to see that in action.

In the meantime, I can reveal the prototype logo (below, obviously!) for the title screen which should, I hope, provide a foretaste of the vibe I am going for with this game.

Stay tuned for more updates on this game in the coming weeks!

Seawolves Prototype Logo


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