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Goodbye Facebook!

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By Kodiak

This is pretty much a general announcement that has been many months in the making.

As readers of my Newsletter should already know, I have become concerned about the increasingly officious and censorious direction social media platforms in general and Facebook in particular have been taking.

In recent months, Facebook has become particularly aggressive in its efforts at dictating a conformist narrative on all the key issues of the day; sure, it allows wriggle room in trivial topics like sport or the proverbial cat videos, but in any major political or worldview matter, it's becoming the case of "go along to get along, or we'll suspend you and block your posts".

This blog of mine is, of course, not the place to expound on current affairs subjects so I am only mentioning it here to provide some background or context as to my decision to extricate myself entirely from Facebook.

The key thing is that I am unwilling to have my private comments contradicted by so-called fact checkers or blocked / deleted entirely because they fail to comply with Mark Zuckerberg's own personal values... which happen to align lockstep with those of all the major western governments.

What's at stake is not so much freedom of speech (because, if you dislike what someone is saying, you can always walk away), but rather, it's freedom to disagree with the official story or the official interpretation of any major issue of the day.

Because once we are censored for having the wrong views, next comes censure.

Of course, insofar as cancel culture is now a thing, censure has already begun in informal terms, but just wait until it is backed by the full weight of the law and power of the state.

Think that's not going to happen? That it won't be exported to the wider realm of life beyond social media?

Think again.

I'm going to make a prediction: within the next 3-4 years, people will lose their jobs, their bank accounts, their driving licenses, their passports and, consequently in some cases, their spouses, access to their kids and even their very lives for having posted the wrong opinions online in the past.

If or when the giant tech and telecomms companies cooperate with cross-platform government data-mining, to see who's been naughty and who's been nice, we will see a modern day witch-hunt for people who have expressed autonomous, dissident thought.

And by the way, this will not be limited to conservatives.

When the wokerati are done with us, they will turn on any of their own who deviate one inch either side of the party line, so liberals and moderate leftists are also going to find themselves in the firing line... In fact, just as normal conservatives are now branded "fascists", so will not-left-enough Leftists... 'twas ever thus with the far Left and its purges.

Anyway, those underlying reasons aside, I'm done with Facebook... it was producing almost nothing for me in terms of followers or subscribers to my Newsletter, so in the final analysis, it wasn't worth the hassle.

So, goodbye Facebook... I never really loved you anyway.


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Kodiak64 Newsletter

100% free, 100% spam-free!

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