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V Cool T-shirt: Codierung Gedanken

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By Kodiak

Ich bin seit langem ein Bewunderer der ersten Zeilen von Heinrich Heines Gedicht, 'Nachtgedanken', daher fand ich es kein großes Verbrechen, es zu modifizieren.

Zeigen Sie also allen, wie kultiviert Sie mit dieser Version für das Computerzeitalter sind:

Denk ich an Codierung in der Nacht,
Dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht.


I have long been an admirer of the opening lines of Heinrich Heine's poem, "Nachtgedanken" ("Nighttime Thoughts") and so I deemed it no great offence to modify it; my version replaces Deutschland with Coding and says (interpreted to make it rhyme in English rather than merely verbatim translated, obviously!):

Thinking of Coding in the eventide,
I am of my sleep deprived.

Converted into my own special form of pseudo-code, it looks like this:

Coding Gedanken

And this, of course, resonates with me given the many occasions on which working on Parallaxian and Deep Winter has left me with an insomnia-inducing adrenaline surge at bedtime, with my mind a malestrom of unresolved coding issues.

I am quite sure I am not alone among programmers in that regard!

Anyway, feel free to show how cultured a geek you are with this t-shirt manifestation of my distinctly uncultured hijacking of a German literary classic, and if you need any other reasons to buy one, consider one of the following:

  • It would help me in a small way to keep going with my website + Parallaxian.
  • It might be an impulse buy, showing you're not entirely constrained by cold rationale and are still just a boy at heart.
  • It would show the world how hardcore about code you actually are... and that matters, don't let anyone tell you differently!
  • It could be a pity buy.
  • Or you could just do it to show your wife who's boss, which is what every woman secretly craves anyway, so that's win-win for all concerned ;-)

Coding Gedanken T-shirt

Available here: Kodiak64 Shop on Teespring


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Kodiak64 Newsletter

100% free, 100% spam-free!

(You can view a sample here).