Parallaxian: Good Morning Aviators!!!

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By Kodiak

In the video clip below, I demonstrate some flight combat engagements in Parallaxian with increasingly aggressive Hunter-Killers in a test environment I am presently calling “Drone Alley”.

I make it look easier than it is, given that I have been playing this endlessly for days with infinite lives to get the skills to take them on (besides the point that I should actually be half decent at playing my own game!)

With each drone killed, the aggression is increased, and for testing purposes they also change colour from green ("easy" mode) right up to black ("psycho" mode).

Some minor bugs have crept in with the collision-detection but I'm on top of that ;-)

Previously, the HKs would try to manoeuvre to get into a firing solution behind the plane, where they would trail it and fire into its tail, but now they want to also slam into the plane.

Your plane can absorb a glancing strike, thanks to its shields, but central, head-on or tail-on collisions are fatal.

Due to parameter changes as the HKs become more aggressive, tactics that work when engaging easier modes of the HK will not automatically work for the more aggressive modes, so the player has to "adapt or die".

I have personally found this dogfighting to be some of the most addictive gameplay I have ever experienced on the C64 (or anything else!), so naturally I hope the players of Parallaxian would feel the same; the only downside is, your joystick would really be put through its paces with this "turn n' burn" gameplay and might be at risk of breaking under the strain.

As ever, enjoy the update and please feel free to let me know your thoughts by email or in comments on YouTube!


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