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Welcome to the "Goodie Room", where you will find all my old Colony demos and - when I have them ready (DV) - the 2019 counterparts, as well as some other related materials.

Everything is in .prg format, which you can run using the wonderful VICE emulator.

Recommendation: Set your video output in VICE to CRT emulation, as these demos were designed to produce non-standard colours by taking advantage of the PAL Commodore 64 output on a real world TV set, not one of those abominable chroma-noise-free setups that are so popular for online screen captures of C64 games nowadays.


Joystick in port 2, space bar to raise / lower landing gear, and hold '¬' key on laptop / PC to autopilot it to safe landing zone.

These demos are buggy, not easy to play and lack fully developed momentum effects; the coding is also slack in places, but they were technology demonstrators for the parallax scrolling and non-standard colour effects and should be judged with that in mind.

Colony Bitmap
Colony Bitmap circa 1995
  1. Colony Demo V1.0... This was a very early, very crude effort made for Parallel Logic's fanzine disk, back in 1995.
  2. Colony Demo V2.0... A more refined effort, this time with a better looking panel and title screen with music.
  3. Colony Demo V3.0... Additional refinement with proper "get ready" and "game over" screens.
  4. Colony Demo V3.1... A minor and experimental modification of the previous release, this time with dodgy-looking and wholly ineffective flickery colour-mixing... sooooooooo mid-90s!!! Oh, and note the insulting comment from the cracker team; some of these saps learn a bit of code and then think they're a cut above, without actually producing anything original themselves.
  5. Colony Level 2 GFX... A very simple, unplayable prototype of the level 2 landscape.
  6. Colony Bitmap... An ugly-in-places, too two-dimensional, very rushed and unsatisfying but nonetheless not entirely worthless piece of game art, done in 1-2 afternoons if I recall aright.
  7. Spritescape Experiment... I think this was a technology demonstrator piece, designed to see if a parallaxed landscape made entirely of sprites was possible.